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  • Frettouch Branding Agency is a web/brand design firm with a mission to provide digital solutions to businesses across the globe. We are committed in the development of technological innovations for solving social problems and supporting the growth of small businesses and companies in Nigeria and beyond.
  • We are Success Driven and our passion and pride is geared towards providing Quality Solution backed with Exceptional Customer Service, Reliability and Foresight.
  • We are committed to marketing projects that move business.  we serve a diverse list of clients and industries. FRETTOUCH BRANDS offer a cross-fertilization of strategic ideas in brand strategy, communications, print, web design and multi-media solutions.
  • Although we are experienced professionals, we understand that learning and growing never ends. Here, ideas are shared, nurtured, crafted and given the energy to grow.

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We love starting something new and we are happy when the brands we create reach or even surpass our client’s standards;